Wednesday, 29 February 2012

We are back!!

Visiting the US for Christmas was great! We even wore our Nigerian clothing to church. Check out our family photo ...

But now, we are back!! And happy, too! On our way to Yola, Emma and I spent a day in Abuja where we visited a mall with some crazy Christmas decorations. I think it's a Christmas reindeer, however, I'm not exactly sure why he is posed this way. But hey, Emma looks super cute!

One of the first things we did was go food shopping at the market where we got some help getting stuff to the car. There are boys like this one all around the market who will "wheelbarrow" your supplies for you. Dauda is also in the picture saying 'WeeHoo' - let me explain. In an effort to teach him the concept of sarcasm, I have instructed Dauda to say 'WeeHoo' ( in a high girlie voice) every time I tell him we are going shopping at the market. The more times that I can get him to say it, the funnier it is. We know how much men love to shop, and Nigerian men are no different.

We also went to the grocery store where a row of interesting teas caught my eye. It was really hard to get a good picture because I was laughing so hard.

I also came home to find that Umar had helped Alan finish up some laundry. He pressed my pj's and carefully placed them on my bed. Anyone out there ever slept in freshly ironed jammies? I didn't think so ....

I wanted to share some scenic photos. This is a picture of a mosque that I posted earlier last year with a rickety scaffolding around it. Can you believe how nice it is coming along?

This is the Friendship House (we think it is a hotel). The sign is the best part - I hope you can read it - it says, "where hospitality ends."

Here is a large statue of a Calabash bowl. These bowls are made locally by the Fulani tribe out of a large seed pod. These pods are hollowed out and then designs are either painted on or burned into the outside of the bowl.

This is one of the few restaurants that we frequent. Actually it is the only restaurant that we frequent besides the AUN club. I have also included a photo of the menu, which is fantastic. The chicken shawarma is yummy!

In Nigeria right now it is the dry season. There are terrible amounts of dust in the air blowing in from the Sahara Desert. They call it Hammerton . . . We Americans call it 'Hammer Time'. Just for fun!

And finally, it's time to introduce you to Wandu and Simon. This is Wandu, he belongs to our neighbors Craig and Christina. He is quite naughty, but super cute.

And this is Simon, he belongs to us. We just got him 5 days ago and we love him already.

He doesn't talk yet, but he will soon. We will let you know what his first word is, but I'm hoping for Mommy. Bye bye!