Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Water Balloon Fight and more . . .

We recently said goodbye to one of our guards named Dauda. (Yes - he has the same name as our driver. Dauda is Hausa for David.) Anyway, he got accepted into the police force which is a good step up from University security. So, of course, guard Dauda needed a proper farewell and since Nigerians have never heard of water balloons, I promptly put 2 and 2 together and . . . Wallah! It seemed perfect since Dauda was going to need to be able to defend himself as a policeman - right?

This is the guards trying to figure out what I want them to do.

Now they are starting to get the idea.

They surround Dauda and . . .


We served homemade chocolate chips cookies (hard to make since there is not much chocolate here) and pepsi (a favorite drink.) We did send Dauda off with a gift, but first he had to open it . . .

We miss him already.

And now, for a few more random pics that I just had to share.

It's easy to nap in Yola as long as you have a motorcycle.

Do you need a stroller? No problem!

Want to play Jenga, Nigerian style?

Going to a wedding? It's all about the hat!

This man is wearing a cub scout shirt. With badges!!!

This man appears to be well protected from any rain, but he has an umbrella just in case.

Thanks for reading. I will write again soon. Goodbye from Adamawa State, Nigeria.


  1. There is no one more fun than Kelli Austin! Way to send Dauda off with a proper good-bye! Love all the pics.

  2. I love how water balloons just seemed to be the only logical way to bid someone farewell. It looked like the africans enjoyed it!
    I once saw a clip of a nigerian movie where a woman had one of those hats but it was HUGE! as in, the size of that wheelbarrow huge.

  3. Awesome farewell! I'm sure Dauda is now well prepared to enter the police force.