Saturday, 10 September 2011

More fun in yola

Ok Alan is going blog crazy. I will try to get a word in, but even as I type he is furiously working on yet another posting. This picture is me and our "cook on loan" named Umar. We would love to have him permanently because he is wonderful. YUM! (And he cuts up the chicken so I don't have to.YES!) He is a christian man with 6 kids age 19 to 7 mo.

This a a great shot of a woman driving a scooter. She is the first woman we have seen driving, mostly it is men. Emma snapped this picture right as she passed us! You go girl!!

Ok, so I see this guy at the big market in Jimeta carrying these 3 chickens for sale and I think they are dead. I asked if I could take his picture he said no but put the chickens on the ground so that I could take their picture. I decided to lift them up only to discover that they were very much alive. Look how brave I am!

Emma wants to cover the duvet on her bed with some fantastic Nigerian fabric but she's got way too many choices. There are several dozen fabric stores like this in this little town. How will she ever decide?

This is one of the 2 actual grocery stores where we shop. I have named it Chewbaccas since I can't ever remember the name. (Yakubu) What you see out front is water sold in bags with a little spout attached. There is also a picture inside the store and another of the fruit stand out in front. We just buy stuff and then pray a lot that it is safe to eat. Lots of praying!

These next 2 shots are of people carrying meat on their heads. They stand along the road with 'Salmonella For Sale'. No, we do not buy our meat here. Yuck!

On our way home we got stopped on the road. Don't you just hate it when livestock think they have the right of way? Although, I would rather see them like this than spoiling on top of someone's head. Yuck again!

As you can plainly see. . . We are truly having more fun in Yola!


  1. Great pics! I'm glad to see a post from you!

    I think Emma should go with the flaming pink fabric - the one right above her left elbow in the pic. ;)

    And way to go handling the live chicken! I'm glad it didn't injure you!

  2. Hmmmm, I commented on this before but for some reason it didn't post.
    I wanted to commend you on your bravery in picking up those chickens. I once tried to pick up a live chicken on my mission and I became too frightened when it started spazzing out and flapping its wings.
    I see an advertisement for MILO chocolate drink. I used to love that stuff!
    yeah there were a lot of places in SA where they sell raw meat and insides (intestines and other organs) on the street and they are covered with flies. It's nasty.

  3. Oh I love and miss u guys so much exspecialy Emma I love your family so much we all cried so much when u guys left have fun