Monday, 5 September 2011

On the way to AUN

This is Alan. Kelli was having so much fun becoming a blogger that I decided I want to play too. So here are some pics on the way to work at AUN, starting with our driver Dauda.

Dauda makes sure we get where we're supposed to without incident, starting with the dirt road leading back to our cluster of houses.

Usually when we leave the house in the morning, we'll see lots of goats up and down the dirt road leading to our place. Last week two of them were head butting one another like Bighorns. Today however they were congregated nearer to the main road.

Finally, here's a look at one of the roads leading to AUN. Usually there are several billion motorcycles on the road, most of whom are certain they have the right of way.

That's all for now. I'll try to add shots of AUN campus, my office and team, etc. if anyone's interested. Until then...


  1. Awesome! Yes, please keep putting up pics!

  2. I agree. I just got on, and am really enjoying seeing some of what you're all dealing with, etc. Blogs are such fun :)